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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  August 29, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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left in his contract and they invested a lot in rn griffin >> with t calendar the way it is in the nfl where you can't bring in guys early, i mean, we've invested -- well, we picked griff up at this time last year, so we invested a full year into training. a lot of that is him and the coach, a lot, a lot of time that you guys don't know about. >> a former seventh round pick is the broncos starting quarterback when the season on september 8th in a rematch of super bowl 50 against the panthers. trevor simeon gets the nod. he gets the starting job over mark sanchez, a number five overall draft pick. to baseball, rays starter alex cobb makes his long-awaited run on friday. out all last year to tommy johns surgery. tonight the rays were on the
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of an early 2-0 hole. runners on the corners here for bobby wilson. line drive into left, and that brings in nick franklin. rays trailing by one at this point. later evan long gor yeah is under the ball here, and not deep enough to get out of the park but deep enough to bring in the sack -- to bring in the run off the sac fly. game tied at 2-2. to fifth, betts doubling to left field. red sox out front 6-3. the nail in the coffi here. sandy leone, rbi single up the middle. red sox top the rays in game one, 9-4. tomorrow the tim tebow showcase is happening out in los angeles. not sure when or exactly where. the former broncos and jets and heisman trophy winner are florida will be showcasing his baseball skills in hopes of latching onon with a major league baseball teams. invites were sent to 30 ball clubs and at least 20 interested
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we have late-breaking news that a venezuelan winter league teams -- this sounds like the beginning of a joke. it's true. a venezuelan winter league team has actually offered him a contract. he's already had two previous offers from some minor league teams, so there is so interest out there. we'll see what big league interest there is tomorrow. >> i think there will be so. i don't know what level of interest. we're all interested in seeing how he does. >> i'm definitely interested and want to see. before we leave you, a >> not in the honey jar. instead this is what happened. >> hey. hey. no, no, no. this stays here. this stays here. >> what is he doing? he thought he was being sneaky. he snatched a bird feeder. that's what he has out of this guy'sard in new hampshire. so after the homeowner there scolded him, the bear felt ashamed apparently and dropped the bird feeder, just munching
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get. wildlife officials say this is a sign of problem in new hampshire. they have a lack of rain that led to a poor berry crop. a lot of hungry bears turn to your bird feeders and crash cans. >> poor littleuy is trying to get his body ready for >> did you see how shamed he looked? what, me? >> if you put out a snack tray like that, help yourself is what he thought. help yourself to the seeds. there you go. the news keeping goes online at, and, of course, gh "money, power & politics" is next. >> and "good day" starts at 4:00 a.m. a.m. have a great night.
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coming to a head and the candidates are unloading with everything they've got. >> a legislative zero. i've been a legislative hero. >> that's congressman graceson what he's known for. bullying and bleusering. >> we take you through the races that will be decided tomorr in florida and beyond. matt tower ri shows us how race car politics may shake up the race. plus a closer look at campai why they work. in our humor segment a radio show with special guests. >> everybody loves you and so do i. >> thank you. >> this is ie money, power & politics. hot battles will be settled tomorrow night and we'll start with the future of senator mccain. >> if you want to be the man you have to beat the man. >> he's facing a primary challenge for his seat in
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tomorrow might. >> what are you going to do when we run wild on you. >> we predict mccain will pull this one out and fight another day. here in florida, shuls is in the fight of her life. we predict ie shul shul will win because her district is not exactly sanders country. >> in the presidential race larry johnston is trying to make his move with a >> hillary like a monopoly player using her get of jail free card. and trump. the nation said that guy should have nuclear bombs. >> trying to convince people they are not throwing away votes by going to johnson. >> hillary is the mob and trump is the joeshg. the mob is corrupt but you know what you're getting.
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you don't know what he's going to do next. >> johnston could take if he gets in the national debates. more than 60% of voters want him in those debates. but he's topping out around 10 hr 11% right now and he needs 15% to get on the national debate stage. so the next couple of weeks are critical for his hopes of getting in. the first debate is september 26th ment. tomorrow august 30th, is a big night for florida and other states. show you h key races are playing out. first we want to take you behind the scenes. you've seen the yard signs sprouting up about everywhere you drive and look. we want to show you why the signs work, why they look the way they do, and how they come pumping out 30 thousand signs a
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tons of bread and butter lawn signs to feed politicians hungry purpose. >> everything quadruples in election time. >> tom tuck i can runs good guys printing. sglefsh works hard. >> and in campaign season, it turns into ammunition factoring supplying with staples of war. >> some people work 75-80 hours a week. >> tom run >> i have to push, push, push. >> sometimes the designers push back. >> i have a green hulk in the back. i was mad that day. >> it starts with the order. tom connects with candidates in florida and across the nation by advertising on search engines. >> we have tens of thousands. >> by 11:00 a.m. the phone is off the hook and designers bring visions to life. >> sunrise instead of the swoosh. it's coming up and it's early. >> they know what works and
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>> the ones who like sarah do you give them what for? even when you hang over their shoulders and say the dumb stuff that comes to mind. >> vote often, vote early. >> tom says they are wired for patient because clients can be demanding. >> almost every politician asking for something that defd defying s the laws of physics. >> some promises i don't want to comment on that. >> and so goes the business of working for politicians in the heat of campaigns. >> we've had stuff on the press and people change. >> some of the politician yous deal with will flip-flop? >> i would say they aggressively change their minds. >> and so the design goes into a work order. if it's just one or two color sign and the candidate wants a lot it goes to the silkscreen
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in inc. if it's a button on bumper sticker it heads to the digital plant. >> everyay is the same but different. >> veteran sticker slicer who can cut signs in his sleep. >> a couple hundred thousands. >> get old? >> a little bit. >> the full color yard signs head to tim and joe. >> i would say i pick on tim for not being fast enough. >> come on. >> it's a crawl here getting the sign orders. >> they say it's in good fun and they take pride in what they do. do you load up the family in the car and drive around and admire the political signs? >> oh, yeah. you see them everywhere you go. >> right now we're just starting a new job. >> if you can think of your desk top printer with your
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steroids. a hundred double sided signs we get out in about twenty minutes. >> they go out to local, state and national campaigns on both sides f >> this is going to the office in rhode island. >> as more money pours into the campaigns, the price of signs have gone down over the past five years. >> the value now compared to what they go got for six years ago they can't compare. they get so many more for the same amount of money. >> advances in technology make i >> everything drives down. now i'm in an arms race. >> so are his customers who need signs to get out their names. >> signs ?are a great way of letting people know who i am. if they don't know who is running for local office, the signs give them an opportunity to say, yes. this perso ine seen the signs. i want to look them up. >> tom says yard signs work because in most races especially the local ones name recognition
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implication of success and support. >> the key is to make it pop and stand out with clean bold color combinations. >> a clutter sign your mind shuts down. >> tom says clean, simple and pretty is key or a picture or face that may catch your attention. >> i want my face everywhere, big signs, do you ty to talk them out of it. >> in that case i wouldn't. >> what abt highest office of >> that's scary. i don't know if i want to push a nuclear button. >> you don't want anybody >> no we don't. >> tom and he is team say they have a lot of fun. they design, load, print, slice, count, box, ship their signs to the front lines. >> go, go, go. >> of thousands of campaigning. >> before you know it's it's
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search for craig patrick money, power & politics and click subscribe. find our investigation into money, politics as well as our satire and parody segments which bring us to this. >> what did you want to say? >> good riddens. >> you're not a nice person. >> you won't believe who
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tonight we're making a programming change. on monday night we brought you the battle of tampa bay with our political squares. but tonight we're going to mix it up with a humor segment. it turns out we do a little radio show where we mix sport and politics and have special guests to call in from time to time. you never know what's going to happen. here you go. here's a clip from the last show. >> time for political sports talk with craig patrick and >> welcome to political sports talk. >> let's go to william jefferson blithe online one. you're on the air. >> i love women. >> that sounds like bill clinton. >> my mother named my william jefferson blithe iii. >> can we call you bill? >> do it. >> what if we called you bubba? >> shut up. >> what did you call for? >> advice. >> what's wrong? >> i screwed up my car. >> what happened? >> we're stuck in the ditch. >> we'll try to get you help.
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i don't know what you heard but clinton is stuck i a ditch. >> i fully understand. >> can you pick him up? >> no. >> do it. >> no. >> i got whacked. >> then there's something wrong with you. you're not very good. >> this is getting out of hand. >> let's bring in george online three. >> i'm george w. bush. >> how do we know that's him? >> say something only george w bush would say. >> too many o-b y g-y-ns aren't able to practice love with him across the countr no doubt. >> this is merissa. >> everybody love yous and so do i. >> thank you. >> wait a minute. he called with a message for don. what did you want to say. >> good ridden >> you're not a ne person. >> shut up. >> let me say something. >> whoo. >> george, can you just endorse d so that he can help bill? >> i'm adamantly opposed to that. >> you're not very good. >> i find it interesting that when the heat got on you
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>> i'd like help. >> bill, hasn't donald trump given you enough help with the politically damaging things he said this summer? >> until the end of the summer, i hasn't thought i was coming back. >> what about the e-mails? >> part of a larger pat tesh of errors. >> don't do it again. >> okay. so clinton drove into a ditch, trump's off script and bush won't help. >> where do we go from here? >> howard online four. take us down the path. >> not only are we going to new hampweoi to're arizona and north dakota and new mexico and california aen texas and new york and we're going to south dakota and oregon and washington and michigan. and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house. [cheering] >> what better way to send it off than yeah! higher. >> yeah!
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>> there you have it. our new radio show. call in on this as well. future shows tell us whaus on your mind. 813-870-9656. in other news we have to take ao >> he's wrong. >> the disgraced former congressman known for tweeting picture of his crotch and tweeting messages with his flings crossed the line long after quitting congress. >> today i'm announcing hi resignation from congress. well, after the new york post revealed he still tweeting suggestive pictures of himself to other women this time with his toddler son next to him in bed, his wife and close hillary clinton aid finally had enough. she left him. what more can you say? >> it's a shame. a shame.
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our culture is driven by the premise of redemption. people will root for underdogs if they acknowledge failures and take responsibility, apologize and resolve tos so forgiving yo smoke crack on video. go to prison, then win a race for mayor in our nations capitol. >> i'm going to leave here and go about the business of government. >> anthony weaner blew his shot over and over again. we should >> i will not yield to the government. the gentleman will observe regular order. >> so he continues to flame not long after flaming out of congress. >> the gentleman will reserve regular orred and sit down. the gentleman will sit. the gentleman is corct in sitting. coming up. allen grayson is trying to pull off an upset in florida.
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senate race between grayson and murphy. ws us how race car ? this week, you're taking a
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st relaxing staycation in the history of staycations. thankfully, you have enhanced dvr from bright house networks... and you've loaded it with hundreds of hours of hd movies and shows... just for this very occasion. and now connect to... standard internet and tv, with enhanced dvr only $92 a month for 12 months. fox 13 polling shows marco rubio is ahead of carlos baroof in the republican senate race. the democratic is closer. grayson and murphy have been hammering each other for months.
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retake control of the u.s. senate, florida seat help by rubio is considered a critical must win and the democrats running to do that include two sitting congressmen. third termer allen grayson and second termer patrick murphy. one a registered republican calling himself fiscally conservative and socially progressive. west in 201. grayson a liberal member and belittled repli healthcare debate. he's been the subject of ethics investigations. for that senators reed and shoe me asked him to drop out. gray son's ex-wife made domestic abuse him which denies. >> 26 gray sonville passed the house and senate signed into law by the president. i don't think he's passed a single bill through the house or the senate. he's been a legislative zero.
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>> political fact checkers rate grayson's claims as inflated and mostly true. >> that's congressman grayson. he's known for bullying and blustering and name calling. >> murphy suppored by president obama and the party establishment has been accused of inflating his resume and buying his way to congress with family money. >> i'm proud of my voting record. protecting social security and medicare, a woman's right to choose. but at the same time, addressing climat kor kevin wagner says the biggest chang for democrats versus rubio is name recognition. the good new they are not that well known so they have a chance to sort of build up how they want to be seen and what they want to be seen like. >> matt gives the edge many the race to murphy. in the last fox 13 poll, murphy and rubio, were they to match up, tied within the margin offer
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at changing in the presidential campaigns and the donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it."
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome our pollster matt toury. in a the years surveying races and following them closely, have you seen a race, let alone a state race, where one candidate calls the other a bigot. the other digs up a video of a
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this political year has been. i don't think any is having affect on the electorate. we heard of the race card played before. bill clinton got upset with obama and the media in south carolina in 2008 when he felt like the race card was played against him. now his wife has a tv commercial out there. someone has a tv commercial that has pictures of folks i kkk. it's amazing. i'm shocked on both sides. >> give us a prediction of which way you think the needle will move if it moves at all between now and labor day. >> i think it's going to tighten. secretary clinton had a great advantage in all of the gas in the states trump was making. she's had a bad week in the last week with the e-mail issue and the clinton foundation. but the media in this country, to be honest with you, they are not carrying it or able to
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voters are affected by it. some voters are affected but it's not enough to change the race. the debates, as we've said many times, as we talked together, craig, the debates will decide the election. they will tee it up for who can bring it home in the final week. >> thank you so much for your time. >> absolutely. thank you. >> check out our youtube channel for interviews with the candidates and a closer look at the races and issues. search for craig patrick money, powe subscribe. tomorrow night we go through the primary results and showeans fo thank you for watching and we'll
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here's what ed narain believes and i oppose private school vouchers that take funds away from public education. i opposed "stand your ground" gun laws andin rick scott's hate-filled agenda. i strongly support medicaid expansion and i want to increase the minimum wage. democrat ed narain. endorsed by florida's teachers and kathy castor. hey girls wanna be in the commercial?
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ah -- >> i just have one question. >> all: what the -- >> ts how i feel. oh, my god! >> let's just start the show. captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company hey, welcome to "dish nation." we are here, fully loaded today it's a monday. usher joining us later on. first, talk about last night's video music awards. >> exciting.


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